Prom Day/Mother’s Day

It’s Prom day and Alice is giving me an early Mother’s Day present: the opportunity to take pictures. Pictures of Alice and the BF all dressed up before they leave for the big event.

I haven’t asked for too many of the traditional Mom things in Alice’s life. But I REALLY wanted the prom picture of Alice and her date in front of the fireplace in the living room. You might think that it would be a no brainer – she gets ready, he picks her up and the pictures are taken before they leave. Yeah, not really.

First there’s the matter of where she gets ready. Girls love to dress together, in packs. For a long time the actual location of prom prep was undetermined, and it could have been at any of 3 different houses. If she didn’t get dressed at our house the probability of the fireplace picture greatly diminished because…

She wasn’t sure that a stop by the house would be possible. Alice and the BF are going with a large group of kids, mostly seniors. She knew that, but not when the group would gather as a group. If group formation was soon after prom prep then I should forget about the pictures. This isn’t Alice’s usual crowd so her social power is limited, particularly to make a request as corny as stopping back at her house for her Mom to take a picture.

So, it wasn’t’ that Alice didn’t want to have the pictures taken, or didn’t want to take pictures are our house, or by me, it was that life was uncertain. Besides begging and briefly considering calling the BF to beg, there wasn’t much that I could do.

It all seems to be working out. The girls are doing prom prep at our house (as I write this, the boutonnières are in the fridge, music is blaring and Alice and her BGF [best girl friend] are having serious discussions about hair). The BF and the  BGF’s BF will stop by here later to pick them up (bonus for me! I get 2 couples to shoot). And some time in the wee hours of the night Alice and 4 or 5 (girl) friends will crash in the living room.

I won’t get all geeky with them during the prep or certainly not late in the night (could be tough anyway, since I”ll be asleep). But I’ll be all kinds of geeky when I’m taking pictures in the living room.

Let’s call it a right of motherhood.


~ by Susan Walker on May 8, 2010.

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