Support your local mail carrier (‘s back).

I was about to post something not very meaningful about the meaning of life (related to some recent travel to old haunts in Wisconsin and Michigan) when the mail arrived. Hold the fort.

Alice’s September issue of Vogue just arrived. All 5+ pounds of it.

OMG. This thing is huge.

There was a joke on Cheers, when Cliff Clavin, the mailman, talked about fearing the day that the Sears catalog came out. “And the particularly bad year in 1985 when the Speigel catalogue was released on the same day.” Without phone books and catalogues of that size coming through the mail, postal carriers must now call in sick when the September Issue of Vogue comes out.

This year’s issue boasts 900 plus pages of (mostly ads about) fashion. The famed September issue (that was the subject of a pretty good documentary a few years back) Trailer: The September Issue.

I’ll save this one for Alice’s next visit home. I would NOT subject the postal personnel to dealing with this sucker a second time.

Thank heavens I didn’t drop it on my toe.



~ by Susan Walker on August 18, 2012.

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